Useful information

Useful and emergency telephones

  • Reception: 928 276 455
  • Emergency phone number: 112
  • Medican center: 928 735 182


Estimados clientes:

El bar piscina se encuentra momentáneamente cerrado. Esperamos poder abrirlo lo antes posible.

Volveremos próximamente con nuestra variada carta de comidas y bebidas y el agradable ambiente que lo caracteriza.”

Disculpe las molestias.

Life guard: 10:00 - 17:00h

Cleaning service

The housekeeping will take place every day except Tuesday and Sundays from 10 am onwards while we will change your towels alternate days. If you want some additional cleaning service or towel change please contact reception where they will inform you about the rates. Moreover, we will offer you a more efficient cleaning service if you mantain the rooms tidy

Safety box

The guest shall select a personal digital code to control access to a safe deposit box, the guest shall be the only person responsible for keeping the personal code secret, sharing information with other individuals shall be at the sole risk of the guest. The resort disclaims any and all responsibility for loss, theft or other damages to customers presonal valuables.

Environmental management

As part of our philosophy, we would like to carry out an effective environmental management and we are sure that you too. We kindly ask you to help us in our commitment, keeping doors and windows fully closed while the air conditioner is running. Also, turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used. In addition, help us in our fight for sustainability and please reuse your towels. If you want to reuse your towel, please leave it on the hanger. If you prefer to change it, leave it on the floor.